A. Publicly Released Information
Data unavailable.

B. Generally Recognized Information
The unidentified enemy of humankind, transcending the concepts of living and nonliving. Conventional weaponry is no match for their overwhelming offensive power. The target of their invasions is Nerv Headquarters in the Geofront below Tokyo-3.

C. Confidential Information
Angels are, indeed, lifeforms that were born from Adam. Humanity, on the other hand, originated from Lilith. Compared to organisms born from Lilith, the Angels are predisposed towards enormous size and individualistic existences. Adam-based life should be thriving on Earth, as it is the life that originally germinated there.

D. In-Depth Information
Two Seeds of Life are not needed on one planet, and, therefore, one of them is excluded. As recorded in the Secret Dead Sea Scrolls, Adam-based life took part in a contest of survival, putting the stakes on their own existence. Some of them were trying to access Lilith and reset all life, some of them had nothing in mind, and some were trying to recover their progenitor Adam. The Angels — Adam-based life — became active under their respective tactics for survival and success.

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