A. Publicly Released Information
An absolute physical barrier only the Angels and Evas are capable of generating. No conventional weapon on the face of the Earth is capable of penetrating an Angel's A.T. Field. Evas neutralize the Angels' A.T. Fields while engaged in combat.

B. Generally Recognized Information
Humans also have A.T. Fields, but, lacking the sheer power of the Angels’, they cannot affect the physical world.

C. Confidential Information
The throne of the soul is the body, and the A.T. Field is what determines it. The A.T. Field, or ego (self), is the mental barrier that separates one person from another.
People are people because they think of themselves as people.

D. In-Depth Information
The maximum extent of an A.T. Field's expansion is an ego without restriction. Before this can happen, a person's ego collapses and he reverts to LCL.

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