A. Publicly Released Information
Data unavailable.

B. Generally Recognized Information
The prophetic text in which the times of the Angels' appearances are recorded.

C. Confidential Information
Seele possess a vast amount of wealth, and, consequently, they had one face as a patron foundation of the arts and research. The Artificial Evolution Laboratory, Gehirn, etc., were funded entirely by Seele. Perhaps because of their origins as a religious organization, Seele often managed the funding support for investigations into the relics of their own faith. Among these, something was excavated that marked a significant turning point for both Seele and humankind: the Secret Dead Sea Scrolls.

D. In-Depth Information
The First Ancestral Race recorded a manual or implementation plan regarding the use of the Seed of Life (Progenitor Entity) and Spear of Longinus security device. This was in turn transcribed by a religious group and adapted to fit their own doctrines, and the Secret Dead Sea Scrolls were the result. They are a book of prophecy, in that even now they continue to operate in accordance with the historical written plan.

Until then, Seele had only fragmentary knowledge of the scrolls' contents and existence, but they had never imagined that the scrolls might actually exist, contain meaningful prophecies, and turn up in near-perfect condition. They were sent to headquarters promptly, upon which the actual truth was skewed and immediately covered up. The parts of little consequence, later released to the public, were called the Dead Sea Scrolls, whereas what Seele made off with were dubbed the Secret Dead Sea Scrolls.

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