A. Publicly Released Information
The multipurpose humanoid decisive battle weapons developed by Nerv for use in combat against the Angels. They operate on electric power supplied via cable. The internal battery is only good for five minutes.

B. Generally Recognized Information
Cloned from the First Angel, who was discovered at the South Pole in the year 2000. In that sense, the Evas have the same common mechanisms as the Angels. One example is the A.T. Field, which can manipulate a physical domain. Evas differ from Angels in that they lack both S² Engines and souls.

C. Confidential Information
An Eva is a vessel for a soul that has abandoned human form, and a magnification of the ego, i.e., the embodiment of a large human being. Attempts were made to operate Evas, but souls were not placed within them, and the insertion of a soul was essential. The soul that enters an Eva is called a pilot. However, it takes more than a pilot to make Eva move. Perhaps the pilot cannot properly utilize the Eva's capabilities.

D. In-Depth Information
A unit called a core is used to eliminate any discrepancies in the joining of Eva, the body of a god, with that of a human being's soul. The soul of the pilot's mother, which is placed within the core, acts as a medium and makes piloting possible.

Due to difficulties encountered in the development of Eva-00, the core's system is poorly constructed, and the Eva falls behind in performance capacity as a result. Another reason for this is that Eva-00's pilot, Rei, does not have a mother.

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