A. Publicly Released Information
The pilot is the Third Children, Shinji Ikari. This is the Evangelion Test Type.

B. Generally Recognized Information
During the development of Eva-01, Shinji's mother, Yui Ikari, became the test subject for the contact experiment. In 2004, she carried out the experiment with Eva-01 at her own request, but not without losing her life.

C. Confidential Information
Normally, in order for the pilot to link with the Eva's core, it must contain the soul of the pilot's mother. In the case of Eva-01, it is Yui's soul.

D. In-Depth Information
As Gendo has already exhibited signs of treachery, his son's status as the pilot of Eva-01 is, in Seele's eyes, particularly dangerous. This is because Seele believe that the Divine Soul should come into existence only on their terms.
However, Gendo has his own plans for attaining divinity, which he hopes to fulfill using Eva-01.

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