A. Publicly Released Information
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B. Generally Recognized Information
One might call this research organization Nerv's predecessor. It was dismantled in 2010, the same year that Naoko Akagi completed the Magi System. With the exception of her, Gehirn's personnel were transferred over to Nerv, the executive agency for all of the projects.

C. Confidential Information
"Gehirn" is Seele's secret agency designation for the Artificial Evolution Laboratory. The Artificial Evolution Laboratory was a public organization recognized by the United Nations. On the surface, its goal was the research of artificial evolution.

D. In-Depth Information
Gehirn's objective was the Adam revival project (Project E). This actually entailed making copies of Adam — in other words, creating the Evas.
And, as they approached the execution, the organization's style was scaled up and Nerv was formed.

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