A. Publicly Released Information
The facilities for Nerv Headquarters were constructed in a mysterious, giant, underground space existing beneath Tokyo-3. It is a hemispherical cavity with a diameter of 6 km and a height of 0.9 km, but 89% of it is currently buried. Sunlight is sent in by optical fibers from a light-condensing block on the surface, maintaining a level of brightness comparable to that on the surface. Although NERV facilities are nearly the only things being constructed, there are also evacuation shelters for civilians.

B. Generally Recognized Information
In addition to the Geofront where Nerv Headquarters is located, there was one at the South Pole. Moreover, the First Angel, designated "Adam", was discovered within it.

C. Confidential Information
The Geofronts' true identities are the "Black Moon", where Nerv Headquarters is located, and the "White Moon" at the South Pole. Lilith is in the Black Moon, and Adam is in the White.

D. In-Depth Information
Initially, the White Moon — containing Adam — fell to Earth. The Black Moon, which originally should have gone to a different solar system, was captured by Earth's gravity, and, after it crashed into the Earth's surface and bounced, it became a satellite orbiting the planet. It left behind only its ruins and remained in the heavens, and Lilith, the Seed that the Black Moon had carried, was implanted into Earth. Lilith's landing site is believed to have been in the vicinity of what is now called the South Pole, but it was later moved by tectonic plates, ultimately as far as the Hakone region of Japan. That site is the giant cavern of Hakone, and the future Nerv Headquarters would be constructed here.

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