A. Publicly Released Information
Data unavailable.

B. Generally Recognized Information
Nerv's three big projects are Project E, the Adam Project, and the Human Instrumentality Project. Seele regards the latter as the one of the utmost importance.ar.

C. Confidential Information
The Human Instrumentality Project is a plan aimed at divinity. The Evas are absolutely essential to Seele, for they are the sole key that can open the Path to God. This is because they were copied from Adam, the being nearest to a god.

Still, there is something humanity lacks. Seele believed they had through Eva what was necessary to fill-in that which was missing; to make man into a God, or at least into an eternal existence.

Completing an incomplete humanity, and opening up the Path to God, is Seele's doctrine. What would happen if people were gathered into something of a god? Seele believed we would become God himself.

D. In-Depth Information
While the Angels were being engaged in battle, people were also making and advancing the plan for the path that leads to divinity.

The first step is the completion of Eva — the body of a god and throne of a soul — via the installation of an S² Engine. The interfusion of souls follows. Afterward, our final natural enemy, the Spear of Longinus security device, is annihilated. Thus, that which is nearly divine, or perhaps a god in and of itself, is brought to completion, and, with the Spear gone, cannot be destroyed by anyone.

Seele's intention for this man-made god is to guide the elite (themselves) to state near that of God's.

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