A. Publicly Released Information
A special agency under the direct supervision of the United Nations. Its objectives are to investigate, study, and eliminate the Angels. Nerv's headquarters are in Tokyo-3, the 1st and 2nd Branches are in America, and the 3rd Branch is in Germany.

B. Generally Recognized Information
The relationship between the government and Nerv leaves much to be desired, as the former believe that Nerv are responsible for the coming of the Angels. The Human Instrumentality Committee, a small organization within the UN, holds approval authority over Nerv's budget.

C. Confidential Information
One of Nerv's goals is to annihilate the Angels, but they are also aiming for the evolution of humanity — in other words, the Path to God. Eva is the key to achieving both goals.

D. In-Depth Information
Nerv Headquarters was constructed inside the Black Moon containing Lilith. The Angels that head for Nerv H.Q. are trying to make contact with Lilith, the white giant in Terminal Dogma. They were aiming for Lilith from the start, not Adam.

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